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The Parent-Child Race-Related Observational Measure (PC-ROM)

  /    /  The Parent-Child Race-Related Observational Measure (PC-ROM)


PC-ROM was developed to assess parent-child and family interactions using a culturally-relevant observational tool. PC-ROM consists of three components: (1) story time, (2) doll selection, and (3) chit-chat as mechanisms parents utilize to discuss racial identity and transmit racial socialization messages to their school-aged children. The goals of the PC-ROM are to assess the following:

The frequency in which parents engage in racial socialization with their young children

The content of messages that parents communicate to their children

Race-related perceptions of young children

Race-related preferences of young children

The relationship between parents use of racial socialization strategies and child race-related perceptions and preferences.

Collaborators and Funders

  • National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH)

Related Research

  • Coard, S.I., Causey, S., Dunbar, The Parent Child Race-related Observational Measure (PCROM): Measure Development and a Preliminary Investigation of Reliability and Construct Validity. [in preparation]
  • Causey, S., Coard, S.I., & Dunbar The Parent Child Race-related Observational Measure (PCROM): What Parents Tell Their Young Children about Race [in preparation]

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